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Water Damaged Phone! What can I do?

iBroke My Gadget’s water damage service is one of our most common repairs and we’ve been able to successfully return and various devices to their concerned owners as good as new.

When a device comes into contact with water, two major issues occur.

The first is an electrical short circuit. This happens when electrical current is allowed to travel along an unplanned path.

The second issue that plagues a water damaged phone is one that you can’t detect right away. As the water in the device begins to evaporate and the phone dries out, small particles that were in the water get left behind. This leaves small deposits of residue behind on the hardware and will quickly cause corrosion. This residue and corrosion blocks important connections and creates unwanted new current paths.

What should I do if my phone is water damaged?

1. DON’T TURN IT ON and DON’T CHARGE IT! This is very important.
This one move that can cause short circuits when current is pushed through the phone whilst it’s still wet.

2. Gently wipe the phone with a soft cloth.

3. Bring it to us as soon as possible.
The sooner we receive the phone, the better our chances of fixing it. Starting the cleaning process before the residue deposits begin to form will stop corrosion before it starts.

Can rice actually save my wet phone?
No, the rice will not remove any liquid from inside your device. It’s an urban myth. Rice has actually got the potential to clog your charging port and the starch in the rice could, in fact, accelerate the corrosion process and cause motherboard damage. The only solution is to send it to iBroke My Gadget for a full chemical clean.