Control your heating with your iPad

Did you know you can use your iPad, from anywhere in the world, to control the heating in your home? You might have purchased your iPad purely and simply to keep the children amused, but the humble iPad is capable of so much more than just babysitting!

Perhaps you’re away on a Winter sun holiday, but don’t want to get off the flight in the early hours of the morning and come home to an icy cold house – to add to the misery of the post-holiday blues! Or, you’ve gone out for the day – thinking the weather was ok, but whilst you were out the weather changes to a post-apocalyptic ice-storm. Don’t fret – just use your iPad to turn the thermostat up and you’ll come home to a toasty warm home.

How on earth do you do that?

Well, it’s quite simple really. All you need is one of the clever new apps and accessories and you could control your thermostats and turn the heating on and off – with just a few taps on your iPad touchscreen.

You may remember the old systems for turning your lights on at various different times to deter burglars and prevent anyone from knowing you were away. These new systems for controlling your heating are the modern-day version of that – with much more impressive control systems and variables which you can programme at your discretion. Unlike the old systems, where you had to set them before you went away and just leave them to run – you can change the new systems on whim and alter any of the settings remotely via the internet. So, need to switch your heating on whilst you catching the last of the rays on a beach in Thailand – no problem!

Starting at the top, you need to make a small investment in one of the devices which make remotely controlling your heating possible. One of the best options and an innovator in this arena: is the Nest thermostat. This intelligent device, is installed in place of your regular thermostat and not only does it allow you to control the heating using your iPad or other iOS device – it also intelligently learns about your heating habits and when your home starts to feel too warm or too cold, resulting in you being able to save up to 20% on your home energy bills, with the built-in functionality. How clever is that?. Plus, if you go away for a couple of days and forget to turn the heating off – Nest will do that for you tooYou don’t need to pay a gas engineer to install it either – most people just do it themselves and it usually takes less than 30 minutes to have it in place and getting it set to control your heating. There are numerous other options available on the market – all with individual features and benefits and associated costs, so it pays to do your homework and find the best device for your needs.

Once you have the device installed, you then need to download the app onto your iPad or iPhone and away you go – literally!

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