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Top 5 Samsung Mobile Phones 2020

By June 25, 2020 No Comments

Top 5 Current Samsung Devices

Samsung is considered to be one of the top three mobile phone manufacturers in the world. They have a vast array of handsets, and each year they add to the collection with phones featuring the latest breakthroughs in technology which help secure their place at the top. They have many powerful handsets on offer, and today we are looking at the top five current Samsung devices.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

One of the latest Samsung offerings from 2020, the Galaxy S20 plus is the largest screen offering of the three within the S20 range. It has an impressive rear camera array that boasts a 64MP, 12MP, 12MP and time of flight sensor. It comes with the latest Snapdragon 865/Exynos 990 processor depending on your global location. There is 512GB of storage and it features the latest edge to edge screen design that ensures no space is wasted. The front facing camera is a tiny pinhole notch that boasts 10MP photography.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

When mobile phone manufacturers decided to offer many handsets in two sizes, they made one of the best decisions ever. The plus size handsets go down really well and that is why the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus ranks number 2 on the list. With this incarnation of the phone the S Pen has been massively upgraded and now supports Air Action gestures. The 6.4-inch screen gives a great working space and the handset is touted as being the best for the business user but also offers social users a great Android experience. The camera array features 4 rear facing camera sensors including a 16MP, 2×12 MP and a timer flight sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The latest Concept in mobile phones has been a development of a flip screen. These differ from the old-style clamshell handsets because it is the actual screen itself that folds, and once unfolded you have a much bigger working area. This is the first successful foray for Samsung in this market and the result is a good looking, ultra-thin handset that folds away to a neat small pocket friendly shape when not in use.

Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra

This handset is the God of camera phones. It features a 4-lens rear camera array that is the only one on the market to offer quite such a killer performance. The main lens is a massive 108 megapixels, and it’s backed up by 48MP, 12MP and a time of flight sensor. The front facing camera is a whopping 40MP which again is huge and there are very few other handsets on the market that can compete with this. It also offers 5G support.

Samsung Galaxy S20

This handset is 5G enabled and is one of the lowest price Samsung handsets to be able to access the new mobile roaming data connectivity. This is similar to its big brother, the plus version, but has a neater and more compact screen. The handset offers really good battery life, four rear cameras, and 128 gigabytes of storage.

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