Top 5 Current Samsung Devices

The iPhone 12 is a powerful, smart device. It represents the pinnacle of Apple technology, and everyone wants one. Getting the most from your iPhone 12 is a true test because it requires you to know how to work Apple’s flagship iOS software. Here are 10 tips to crack your new phone and get the most from it.

Explore Your Settings

iPhones are renowned for being easy to work with and having a simple user interface. To really get the most from your new iPhone 12, you’ll want to have a proper look at the Settings. You can customise your wallpaper, adjust the text size and customise your Control Centre.

Dark Mode

The iPhone series has finally introduced Dark Mode as a permanent feature for new phones, and fans couldn’t be happier. The Dark Mode is a great way to transform your iPhone 12 into a much more subdued, less intense version of its current display.

The Camera

The iPhone camera might not be as advanced as some Android models in terms of raw megapixel power, but it more than makes up for it with stunning camera controls. It’s well worth taking your time to play around with all of the settings in order to find your ideal camera configuration.

Smart Watch

 The Apple Watch is one of the companion devices for any iPhone, and the 12 is no exception to this. Your typical Apple Watch acts like a smaller, backup phone, so you can keep your device securely tucked away on the go, and access emails, messages, answer phone calls – the applications are endless, even if you don’t want the fitness apps.

The Health App

Fitness is one of the big concerns for the modern person, and Apple uses the iPhone 12 to take full advantage of that. Their proprietary Health app gives you updates on your blood oxygen levels, tracks your fitness, and gives you actionable advice and resources for staying in shape.


Ah, AI. What was once a trivial facet of smartphones has quickly become a powerhouse in the modern world, and Siri is no exception. She’s your new best friend, offering you the ability to contact people, set timers, and search information. You’ll definitely want to get to know her.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Discord – all the major social media platforms are supported by iOS and are easy to get connected with. You can become a digital socialite in no time at all with these apps.

Case It

 If you own an iPhone, it needs a case. These pretty-looking devices often retail at hundreds of pounds a pop, so invest in a good case and slap it on at the start. A screen protector wouldn’t go amiss either.

Business Tools

The iPhone 12 is the business companion for the modern worker. Google Docs, Sheets, Slack, Skype – they’re all on hand to give you support for the working week.

App It

Need a ruler? A converter? How about a tool for trading Bitcoin? There’s an app for it. Apple has a whole App Store full of amazing apps – check them out!

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