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– iBrokemygadget (IBMG) will not be held accountable for any loss of data during a repair or service. On all occasions, we will ensure our engineers do all they can to avoid this, however if it becomes apparent that a service must be purposefully implemented – in the process of repair – which could result in loss of data, we will contact you before continuing.
– A charge of between £14.99 – £24.99 will apply to all gadgets in for repair. This rate is subject to change, at IBMG’s discretion, and all future gadget owners will be notified. If we have received your repair, and previously agreed a charge of between £14.99 – £24.99 for the service, this rate will remain and you will become immune from any rate changes, during this period. This charge is to accommodate for the time spent on the repair, regardless of the outcome of the repair.
– Our ‘while you wait’ repair service is only applicable for mobile phone repairs, excluding liquid damaged handsets; subject to the necessary parts being in stock.
– Excluding postal and/or call out repairs, all other repairs must be collected from store within 30 days from the date of completion. All consumers will be notified when the repair/s is complete, and again a further two times. Should the gadget remain in store past this 30 day period, IBMG reserves the right to refuse returning the good/s, and will keep the unit to recover loss of earnings/parts. No repair will be returned until full payment has been received.
– IBMG will not be held accountable for any gadgets lost in the post, either on its way to or from the store. We will always recommend sending your goods via Special Delivery with the Royal Mail, and will return the gadget in the same way. All enquiries for lost or delayed deliveries are to be raised directly with the postal company/service used. Please note that all suggestions for postal repairs are for mainland UK only. IBMG are happy to send and receive repairs worldwide, however prices per country can vary. Please contact us for a quote before sending in your repair.

Quotations / Estimates

Quotations on all repairs are subject to change, however the quotation you receive upon checking in your faulty gadget will remain applicable for the entirety of the repair period*
*However, IBMG reserve the right to amend original quotations given for all repairs, should further faults/issues with the repair arise. Should this be the case, we will contact you via phone or email to first authorise the new cost.

Buying Gadgets

– IBMG reserve the right to refuse a purchase of any gadget from the ‘Seller’ if they so wish.
– IBMG demand that all ‘Sellers’ provide proof of ID at point of sale. Only exception to this would be if the gadget is faulty/failed repair, that the owner now wishes to dispose of.
– IBMG undertake proof testing on all gadgets purchased, so therefore asks that the ‘Seller’ allows for between 15-60mins for necessary checks to be conducted, before a decision is made on the purchase.
– Should IBMG purchase any goods that are later reported as lost/stolen, staff will notify/report all matters the local police.

Selling Gadgets

– IBMG implement a no refund policy for all goods sold**, and will only offer an exchange or credit note, upon proof of purchase. Should the owner wish to return the unit, they must do so within 28days from the receipt of goods, in resalable condition. This includes all gadgets and accessories, however for hygiene reasons, we do not except returns for any headsets or earphones.
– **IBMG will only make an exception for a faulty item, if the return is made within 7 days of purchase, with proof of receipt. An exchange or credit note will also be made available.
– All used gadgets purchased come with a 90 day warranty

Premium Outcall Service

– All technical support provided via this service, incurs a minimum callout charge of £25.00 for all visits within the GU21/GU22 & Woking/Guildford area. This charge is inclusive only of the callout fee, and you will be subject to an additional repair charge plus cost of parts, where necessary.
– Should our engineer be on site with you for more than one hour, and additional charge of £7.50 per every 15mins may be applicable. Please note, this cost is not broken down per minute; should your repair/visit exceed the initial 15mins, you are then liable to pay for the second 15min charge, in full, i.e. 17mins equates to an additional £15.00 charge. All charges/costs will be agreed at time of booking in repair, where possible.
– All repair costs are separate to the minimum callout charge. This will be served as an additional quote/cost, i.e. £25.00 for callout fee + £30.00 for parts and labour. Only exception is if repair is completed without the use of any parts.
– IBMG also service outcalls within the wider Surrey and London districts, at a minimum callout charge of £40.00 for the first hour, and £7.50 per every 15mins thereafter.
– All payments for the original quote, given at time of booking in the repair, must be paid in advance and in full. Any additional costs you may incur at the time of repair are to be paid by either cash or card on the day. Our engineers reserve the right to refuse to leave until payment has cleared. All receipts for additional charges will be sent out via post, or can be collected from in store.

90 Day Warranty

– Your FREE 90 day warranty fully covers any issues which may arise within the 90 day period, that are as a direct result of a recurring issue, which solely relates to that which has already been fixed. Should any additional/new problems arise, that are unrelated to the initial fault, this warranty will be null and void. Any damage caused by the owner will result in the owner no longer being liable for a claim; i.e. cracked screen, liquid damage, etc.
– No claim will be accepted without receipt of service provided.
– Owner can claim up to a maximum of three times within this 90 day warranty period.
– 90 day warranty excludes all repairs on liquid damaged gadgets.
For further information, or to clarify any additional queries you may have regarding our policies, please contact us in store.


iBrokemygadget reserves the right to withhold any given deposits for all sales and repairs, for both B2B and consumer transactions if you decide to cancel. As specified in the Citizens Advice Bureau documentation, available by clicking here, ‘whether you can cancel your order depends on whether or not you have made a firm agreement with the trader […] It’s likely you’ve made a firm agreement to buy if you’ve […] paid a deposit or the full amount. Once you’ve made a firm agreement with a trader, you have a legal contract with them, even if there is nothing in writing’.

Feedback & Complaints Procedure

iBrokemygadget are keen to receive consumer feedback for all purposes, whether it’s commendation, suggestions or complaints. For all feedback to be processed efficiently and appropriately, we require all communications to be issued to us in writing by post, to our Head Office (Woking). Upon receipt of this, iBrokemygadget will review and respond in writing, where necessary, within 7 working days. More specifically, all complaints received in any other form, i.e. verbally or otherwise, will be discarded accordingly, and will not be actioned as above.

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