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How Much Better is the iPhone 11 than the iPhone X?

By September 25, 2019 No Comments

Apple has recently released its latest and greatest iPhone; the new iPhone 11 series has many great new features and technologies that put it as one of the current market leaders. But if you still have an iPhone X is it worth making the leap? We take a look for you.

Time Will Tell

The iPhone X is a two-year-old handset now, as it was replaced last year by the XS and XR range of iPhone and so it no longer available. This means that whilst Apple is still supporting it, it is going to be slower to get some of the new features like iOS 13 that are coming with the newer iPhones. That alone may be one reason to upgrade. The other thing to bear in mind is that the iPhone X was the top of the range phone in its year, this means that rather than competing directly with the iPhone 11 (which is the bottom of the 11 series) it is up against the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This is where you will see many differences.

Display Changes 

The size of the display is going to be the biggest thing. The iPhone X sports a 5.8-inch display running at 1125×2436 whereas the iPhone 11 Pro Max is using a 6.5-inch display running at 1242×2688. There might only be a few more pixels but it is over a much larger surface area. This means that you will be able to see things much more clearly on the newer iPhone.

Triple the Fun

Of course, the biggest change on the iPhone 11 series is when it comes to camera lenses. For the first time, Apple has put more than one in. This means that the iPhone 11 Pro Max has three 12MP lenses on the phone, compared to the single lens on the iPhone X. The iPhone X is boosted by the use of dual sensors though, but that still doesn’t make for the difference in having the additional lenses. The quality of photographs is just so much better on the newer iPhone. If you care about your photographs at all then you will want to make the upgrade.

Other Details

Elsewhere things have moved on as well, there is the A13 Bionic chip compared with the A11 Bionic chip in the older phone, and the RAM has been improved from 3GB to 4GB. The storage has also been upped as you can now get the iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512GB of onboard storage. All this means that you are getting a much better phone performance-wise with the newer model.


Whilst it is all a matter of taste, the leap in power, if you do the upgrade, will be more than noticeable. A lot of the technologies that were brand new in the iPhone X have been refined and bedded down in the newer iPhones and this means that you are getting a much more solid product.

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