If you’re an iPhone super-fan who wants to make the most of their iPhone; we’ve put together this awesome article to help you get the most out of your iPhone and learn how to use it like a pro.

  1. To super-charge the battery in the shortest amount of time possible: switch it to Airplane mode whilst charging and watch how quickly the battery charges to 100%!


  1. Want to stop the kids accidentally running up large in-app charges and altering your iPhone settings: just activate Guided Access from inside the Settings and this will prevent any nasty surprises, so you can relax and keep them quiet and entertained without worrying.


  1. If you’re a big #Selfie fan, you can prevent always having your arm in the shot by using the the volume up button on your headphones. Who needs a selfie stick!


  1. If you’re into DIY you might be surprised to learn; there is a spirit level in the standard Compass app. All you need to do to use it is open up the app and swipe left – and voila no more wonky pictures hanging in the hall!


  1. It is well documented that using your phone late at night can cause sleep disturbances and prevent you getting to sleep – it’s not great for your eyes either. You can solve this problem really simply by inverting the colours – making it easier on the eyes and helping you to get off to sleep a little easier. Just go to Settings > General > Accessibility and slide the invert colours button.


  1. Bored off the regular emoticons? Well, how about recording some of your own to add to the end of text message and emails – you could have some real fun with this; we’ll leave the creativity up to you. But all you need to do is tap the microphone button > touch to begin > record your personal emoticon and send your message.


  1. Are you tired of having to scroll through endless emails? Do what any savvy iPhone user does and get Siri to read them for you! Why have a dog and bark yourself as they say. Just say ‘read my email’ and sit or lie back whilst Siri reads them aloud to you. You can even specify recent emails by saying ‘read my latest emails’ instead, or if you’re looking for something in particular, just ask Siri.


  1. If you like listening to music or audio tracks before going to bed, but you don’t want the music to be playing out all night and draining the battery. You can simply set the timer to switch the music off after a set period of time. Just set the Timer in your iPhones Clock application and select ‘Stop Playing’ when timer ends.


  1. This is a really useful tip and one which most users don’t know is even possible with an iPhone. If you’re in a meeting or somewhere where your phone ringing or vibrating isn’t appropriate, but you still want to be alerted when someone tries to text or call; you can get your phone to notify you with a flashing LED light. Just go into settings and select accessibility and then activate ‘LED Flash for Alerts’. Simple.

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