It has been a while since Apple released a new mobile operating system, but finally the wait is over and iOS 13 has arrived. Within a week iOS 13.1 has been released which is said to include various bug fixes so it has not been without problems, however we take a look at the good the bad and the ugly and see whether you should be downloading this if you have not done so already.

Off to a Positive Start

To be fair there isn’t much bad or ugly to report. The fact that Apple released a patch so quickly means that they are taking notice of issues when they are reported and this will be thanks in part to their Beta programme which gives users the chance to upgrade their iOS early in return for feedback. It is worth noting that iPads now have their own version iPadOS so do not benefit from this release, but the new operating system for the iPad is pushing nearer to being a full working desktop version as Apple are one of the few tablet providers not to have a desktop style offering with touchscreen. To install iOS 13 you need to have an iPhone 6 or higher, which is pretty cool but of course this will also depend on your storage space on older models. It is good to see they haven’t limited it to the newer handsets only.

New Features

There are several new features to come into iOS but perhaps the most talked about and long awaited is dark mode. No-one could have predicted just how popular this would be but users cannot get enough. Dark mode flips the background on some apps to black and creates an atmospheric feeling that is said to be easier on the eyes. It also has a quick toggle shortcut that you can add to the control centre or you can put it on an automatic timer.

QuickPath Keyboard

Until now this has only been possible by using a third party app, but now swiping words rather than typing them has become a feature. You can just drag your finger around the letters and the intuitive keyboard should pick the correct word. It is easier on the larger handset screens and does take a bit of getting used to.

FaceID Got Upgraded

Another change to take place is the FaceID upgrade, the camera can now read your face from wider angles so you can leave it on the desk or roll over and squint at in when you are in bed. It is certainly more responsive and makes life easier – it should also help with awkwardly positioned card readers in shops when you are trying to use ApplePay and having to dislocate your neck to get your face recognised.

Siri Found a Voice

Well, a better voice, Siri has been given a new, improved voice that is more natural and less robotic. We are not convinced that it is that outstanding but if you try an older iOS Siri with the new improved iOS 13 Siri you will hear it for yourself.

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