Best iOS Health & Fitness Apps

If you’re trying to get fit, ditch the flab or just improve your health; iPhone and iPad apps are one of the best tools to use to keep yourself motivated and on track. There is an app for just about everything, from: tracking your water intake, calculating your macronutrient ratios and recording your gym workouts – all the way through to all-encompassing apps which do all of the above and more. We’ve put together a list of our favourite iPhone and iPad apps here, to help you find the right one for your individual health and fitness-related goals. Get set for a whole new fitter and healthier you!

There is an app for just about everything, from:

tracking your water intake, calculating your

macronutrient ratios and recording your

gym workouts

My Fitness Pal

First off, is one of the oldest and most popular: My Fitness Pal. This app has been around for many years and the 40 million worldwide users have now, collectively, lost over 100 million pounds in weight!   That’s a lot of bags of sugar or pounds of fat.This clever app allows users to track calories and other macronutrients, like: carbohydrates, fat and protein, along with recording the number of calories extending through specific activities and exercises. It includes a journal function where you can record health and fitness related status messages and interact with friends and other My Fitness Pal users to keep you motivated. My Fitness Pal also works in conjunction with other health and fitness monitoring tools, such as: FitBit, Runtastic and Jawbone UP – so your workout information and daily steps can be fed directly into the My Fitness Pal app, without having to enter manually.


This app, for the iPhone and iPad, is great if you’re the type of person who sets out with good intentions to achieve your goals, but then you give up and cave in to temptation or put off going to the gym in favour of something more exciting!  Pact gives you the opportunity to set yourself challenges and earn cash for completing each one – or have to forgo the cash you’ve pledged if you fail to complete the pact. You can set yourself a pact to eat more fruit and vegetables or complete a set number of workouts each week. Be careful though, this one could be pricey if you don’t keep up the hard work, as your money goes to paying those who’ve successfully completed their pacts! Genius hey? There is no fooling this app either – you will need to snap a picture of the fruit and vegetables you eat – looking like they’re about to be eaten, not sat rotting in a fruit bowl – and your pictures are judged by other members of the Pact community who will either grant or disallow them.

Tempo Run

If you find exercise a bit of a chore – we recommend you add some music to your workout to boost your motivation and get you running a bit faster! This incredibly clever app helps you pick exactly the right type of music to suit your workout. It very cleverly goes through your music library and categorises the music based on speed. So you can run in time with the beat – how cool is that? It also comes with the facility to record your workout stats, including: how many calories you’ve burnt, how far you’ve run and how long you’ve been running for.

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