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How to keep your phone cool during the hot summer months

By August 3, 2018 No Comments

If the sun’s out, more than likely the smartphone’s out too. But don’t forget that in addition to putting on sun cream, you’ll have to keep your phone protected, too.

Summer is all about streaming the hits of the year and taking a host of selfies. But while you’re out doing that, remember to keep tabs on how hot your smartphone becomes as you’re having fun.

Here 9 tips for these scorching summer months:


  1. Don’t put it in the sun. That may seem obvious, but it’s an important point. Even when it’s hot out, it’s less hot in the shade. Even better is putting it in a bag that is also in the shade. It can really make a difference.


  1. Take it out of the case if it’s in one. The case can act as a sort of insulation, retaining heat and not giving the phone a chance to radiate some of it off.


  1. Turn off extra background features. Bluetooth, location services and Wi-Fi, even if they aren’t in active use, will lead to your phone heating up a bit more. That bit can make a difference, so leave them off.


  1. Even better is if you put it in airplane mode, which turns off all data and phone access. If you don’t need or anticipate using them, this will help keep it cooler.


  1. Best of all is if you turn it off entirely. If it’s already started to feel a little warm, or if you’re concerned enough about the heat damaging the phone, leaving it off is the best way to avoid overheating.


  1. Don’t play games or use it for directions. Both games and navigation use a lot of processor power, and that means heat. It’s a bad idea to tax the processor when it’s hot out, so minimal intensity use is a good way to keep the phone cool.


  1. Don’t leave your electronics in a car. Even if out of the sun, cars can heat up fast, so when you park your car, take your electronics with you.


  1. Don’t charge your electronics if it’s hot. Even when it’s in airplane mode or off, the basic nature of battery charging heats up your phone. If it’s already hot out, it can be quite dangerous so wait until you’re somewhere cooler before plugging in.


  1. Don’t put it in the fridge. According to research, cooling your gadgets too rapidly could actually damage the inside components.