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The Gadget Repair Specialists

We’re your one-stop-shop for all electronic / gadget repairs and refurbs.
Get peace of mind knowing we’ve been established for over 10 years and provide  90 day warranty on all repairs. How good’s that?!

Can you fix my gadget while I wait?

As long as the parts are in stock, then yes we can! Most mobile phone repairs are done in an instant. Our only exception to this is any product with liquid/water damage. This will always depend on the extent of the damage, and is a more time consuming repair.

Are you going to use genuine parts?

Yes! We prefer to only use 100% genuine parts. If for any reason, which is very rare, we should need to use anything different, we would then select an OEM part, which is the next best thing!

Are there any promotional offers in store?

Please feel free to stay updated on all offers available, by regularly checking our website or our twitter page for monthly offers.

Are you a franchise?

Yes we are available for franchise interest! Happy to continue exploring and expanding, the Woking store is our first, Camberley our second, and more in the pipeline for the near future! If you are interested in this, and would like to hear more, please click here.

What are the store contact details and address?

All contact details, including Store Locations & Contact numbers are available here.

Your quote seems a little over my budget. Is there an alternative?

Yes, if available, we can use second-hand parts to repair or refurbish your goods, and that could reduce the quote!

Can you repair liquid damaged gadgets?

Yes, but this will always depend upon the extent of the damage caused! A full diagnostics test must be carried out on your gadget, to fully identify any issues. This will then dictate cost also.

My mobile phone is out of warranty. Can you still repair this?

Yes! We are always happy to give it our best shot! With a steady success rate, bring it in, and we’ll see what we can do!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major cards and cash payments only.

Will I lose any of my data/pictures/contacts etc.?

This will always depend on the nature of the fault. We will always do our best to avoid having to perform any work which could result in the loss of data; however you will always be advised if this is the case. Each case is very different, and we can usually perform a back up prior to wiping the gadget, however this is usually only necessary when a software update must be carried out. Nevertheless, we will always ask you first!

Do I get any warranty with my repair?

Yes of course! Please Click here to see our warranty information page.

What gadgets do you repair?

We specialise in the sales, repair and refurbishment of mobile phones, however we also cater for tablets, laptops, TVs, and much, much more! To find out more, Click here or ask in store.

Do you buy and sell gadgets?

Yes! We’re happy to buy and sell most gadgets. Just ask in store to find out more. All prices for products bought by IBMG are subject to a full product check before payment.

How much will it cost to fix my gadget?

Each case is different! Contact us for a quote here.

Why do I need to give you my passcode for my device?

Ideally we would like to test your device once repaired to save any issues at a later date. If you do feel uncomfortable giving your passcode then please just let us know when booking the repair in.

Do I still get charged if you cannot fix my gadget?

If the team have undergone work in the attempt to fix your gadget, and have unfortunately proved to be unsuccessful, the consumer will be subject to a minimum fixed charge of £15.00.

I cannot come in to the store as I work during your opening hours. Is there any other way I can get my gadget repaired?

Yes we do postal repairs too! We also offer a premium service, whereby one of our engineers can attend to you off site if need be. Click here to find out more

Is there a timeframe within which I am expected to come collect my gadget?

Yes, there is. We have a 30 day collection policy at IBMG, by which we give a period of 30 days to all our customers, for them to come collect their gadget. Once the repair is complete, we will contact you – via the contact details you will have provided us with – to let you know that your item is ready to collect. From this point, you will have 30 days to come collect it. Within this time, our staff will endeavor to contact you a further two times, by way of a reminder, however should you fail to collect the item within these 30 days, we reserve the right to withhold the gadget, to recover the cost of the repair.


If, for any reason, your query was not answered in the above FAQ list, please feel free to submit your query to us, and we will get back to you as quick as we can. You can contact us here.