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Evolution of Samsung Mobile Phones

By June 25, 2020 No Comments

Evolution of Samsung Mobile Phones

Samsung Is considered to be one of the top-selling mobile phone manufacturers in the UK, they have a global reputation and when it comes to Android handset’s they are arguably the biggest and the best provider. They have a vast history which actually dates back to 1938 although, their first mobile phone did not go to market until 1988. The Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series are considered their current flagship handsets, and they also have a wide range of mid to budget level phones in order to appeal to every sector of the market.

A Slow Start

Their first mobile phone offering was the SGH-100, it was released purely for the Korean market and never made it to the UK. It was the next incarnation of this handset, the SGH-200 that travelled into Europe, but the company was still far away from being a worldwide name. These handsets stood up well to other competitors in the marketplace at the time and had an amazing battery life and yet it still wasn’t enough to propel Samsung to the dizzying heights at which we see them today. In 1998 they released the SGH-600 and this finally took them globally, but again not the biggest name, there was still a way to go.

It wasn’t until 2010 when they released the first Samsung Galaxy handset that people really started to take notice. from this point on, the company seemed to really get their act together and started to generate the two main Galaxy ranges for which they are best known today. The Galaxy S series, and the Galaxy Note series have completely different target markets. There S class handsets were primarily aimed at the casual user whereas the Note series has always had an edge that has suggested it belongs in the world of business.

The Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note has one key feature but no other handset in their stables has been blessed with. The S Pen, a stylus that can be stored in the case of the handset when not in use. Interestingly a stylus was never particularly that popular as a concept, with people more than comfortable to use a touch screen with their finger. This led to every other manufacturer abandoning handsets with styluses, but Samsung stood strong. It proved to be the right move, and the Note series handset has shown a longevity many never expected and remains popular to this day. The S Pen has grown and developed and is now a very interactive, Bluetooth enabled smart stylus.

Moving On

Samsung diversified its range further, and the company boasts one of the biggest portfolios of handsets from any manufacturer. Currently they are leading the way on cutting edge technology, and have had limited success with a folding handset, and have entered the battle to produce the biggest and best resolution cameras that rival high street offerings. The company remains one of the top three with Apple and Huawei, and every year there is a rush to purchase the latest Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series handsets which bring the best and latest technology that Samsung has to offer.

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