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Does Your Phone Battery Need Replacing?

By January 8, 2019 No Comments

Over the years you might have noticed that phone batteries are generally not removable. There are a few manufacturers that still offer handsets with a battery that can be removed by the user, but most are sealed into the unit. This is a very specific move by phone makers, and consumers tend to believe it is because the battery has been designed to live as long as the phone itself and therefore does not need replacing ever. However, the truth is not quite that straightforward as we will discover, and you might be experiencing issues with your handset that point to needing a new battery.

Sealed Batteries Can Be Replaced

It might not be as easy as popping the back cover off, but the truth is that batteries have not changed that much. When brand new a battery performs well, your handset will be fast and responsive, and your power will last when you are out and about away from the charger. However, over time this stops being the case. An older battery will not hold its charge for as long as it used to, and you might find that your phone is always on a low battery. This is quite deliberate to make customers believe it is time to get a new phone, as their old one is failing.

Apple, one of the giants in the mobile phone world, have been hauled before a judge and admitted deliberately slowing down a phone’s performance as it ages, using software updates, so that the battery is not as efficient and the users get frustrated and upgrade to a newer model. The chances are other companies employ the same tactic, but they are so popular that customers keep buying their phones and they can if you like, get away with it.

A Battery Change Can Save Your Phone

If you love your phone and do not want to change for a newer model, then you might want to consider a battery change. So what are the signs of battery failure? As mentioned above you might feel that your handset has got somewhat sluggish, it doesn’t seem as quick as it was, and the charge doesn’t last like it used to. Some people find they can only use the phone when it is plugged into the mains, which really negates the mobile part of mobile phones. If your phone gets abnormally hot, you might well be looking to the battery as the cause. In some cases, a really old battery swells, and you might notice a change or bulge at the back of your phone. Samsung and Apple both favour the sealed battery unit but thankfully changing the battery is not impossible and well worth doing. At the end of the day, a battery is a consumable, but that does not mean you have to be conned into thinking the whole phone has to go, once the battery has been changed you will find that your phone performance is restored, and you will have a fast and responsive handset once more.

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