Latop repairs Weybridge

Laptop repair shop in Wybridge town centre.

Whether it be a broken screen, damaged keyboard, data loss, virus and malware problems or it’s just not responding, iBrokemygadget is your saviour.

For ten years our expert technicians have been fixing all sorts of laptop related problems, and knowing how important your laptop is to you, they do it fast – though never compromising on the high standard of repair. So confident are we that our work is of a premier standard, we even throw in a free 90-day guarantee. All at incredibly competitive prices

We pride ourselves on our first-class customer service, so drop by our shop and have a chat to one of our incredibly friendly team.  We don’t charge for advice, and if we can’t fix it (unlikely) there’s also no charge.

We can also repair laptop accessories such as webcams, removable hard drives and headphones.

Laptop repair services