Game Console Repairs Woking

Repair your Playstation or Xbox in our high-tech repair shop from Woking

So you’ve just bought the latest game from your favourite store in the high street you get it home and the console isn’t working. At this point in time frustration doesn’t cover how you’re feeling but you need to get your console repaired as soon as possible. This is when you give us a call at Woking.

Our dedicated team of games console specialists will get to the bottom of the issue in your machine and will have it repaired quickly and efficiently. Once the repair is completed the service doesn’t stop there. Our highly experienced team will be able to fill you in on any details on what happened in side your console and why. With this in mind they can also advise you on how to look after the console to stop the error from occurring again.

It is this high level of customer service which has given our Woking team the reputation they have today. With every tool and resource they need they are able to repair countless problems with games consoles including:

  • Disc reading errors
  • Pixelated pictures and poor performance
  • Stuck buttons on controllers
  • Discs stuck inside of games consoles

Game console repairs prices Woking

Games console repair Woking