iBroke My Gadget

Where we came from and what’s next.

Our humble beginnings

formed strong foundations

for customer satisfaction.

Over the years, iBroke My Gadget have gone from strength to strength and constantly innovated to solidify our position as the market leader. We’re growing faster than ever and enhancing our service offering to bring our customers an unparalleled level of service and care.

With a new store opening in 2017 to mark the 5th year anniversary of the brand, it’s a very exciting time that we can’t wait to share with you and our potential franchisee’s looking to tap into the brand’s incredible success.

Our Brand Values


All repair work carried out by our technicians follows strict QA guidelines to maintain a very high standard. We use the best parts available on the market to provide our customers with reliable repair work.


Our customer promise is in place to protect and satisfy you as the customer. We’ve been a trusted gadget repair shop in our local community for a number of years and this is all built upon trust and reputation.


Our customers rely on us to get their gadget back safe and sound and repaired to a standard which feels as good as the original. This level of reliability forms the foundations that our company is built upon.

The history of our brand

2005 saw the birth of the first iBroke My Gadget store, back then we were a mobile phone contract provider, serving the local community with the most competitive contract deals. From modest beginnings, having established a loyal customer base with local and national consumers, iBroke My Gadget felt it was finally in a position to grow in an ever-expanding and demanding telecoms industry.

After a 2 year period of steady growth, iBroke My Gadget, in 2007, decided to open its very own gadget repair service. This was a logical step, having gained a vast deal of knowledge in varying handsets over the previous 2 years, iBroke My Gadget had, by this point, familiarised itself with common issues among handsets and had obtained the technical knowledge required to repair, refurbish and rebuild mobile phones.

Building on the principle of continuous improvement, iBroke My Gadget recognised the need for growth. This would occur in the summer of 2012 with the official launch of a purpose-built iBroke My Gadget store, located within close proximity of London, in leafy Surrey. With the recruitment of experienced, highly skilled and qualified engineers, iBroke My Gadget expanded its operations to accommodate repairs for all electronic goods, whilst still specialising in mobile phones.

iBroke My Gadget continues to go from strength to strength, through giving customers the peace of mind they want regarding their gadget through a reliable, knowledgeable and professional staff. Whilst providing a premier service to their customers remains the principal priority for iBroke My Gadget, they also now serve as an outsource for many other retailers in the local and wider area, offering out-of-house services. Such areas include Woking, Guildford, Camberley, Weybridge, Aldershot and Staines.

Striving to better itself in a challenging environment had become par for the course in the industry iBroke My Gadget operated in. Acknowledging a growing and diverse customer base, iBroke My Gadget saw to it that each customer experienced the same level of care and service as each other. Priding itself on high standards, in 2009 iBroke My Gadget began transitioning into an international operation with a designated website where customers could get the support they needed.

Fast forward to 2017 and iBroke My Gadget are growing faster than ever, with a fifth shop opening in August and a new website bringing online ordering, e-commerce and repair tracking to further enhance the customer experience. All of this powered by a new brand image to bolster their position as market leader and create a new exciting opportunity for potential franchisee’s looking to tap into the brand’s incredible success.