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4 Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Phone Battery

By February 1, 2020 No Comments

There is nothing worse than being a few hours from home and finding your phone battery has died and you have no charger and no plug from which to charge it. Modern phones are also increasingly being made with batteries that cannot be removed so once the battery has perished getting it replaced is no easy task, and often results in a new handset when the battery is the only problem. The daily life of the battery impacts the overall lifespan, so here are some great tips to extend the life of the battery both regularly and for the whole duration of life.

Overall Battery Lifespan:

1. No Fast Charging

Phone manufacturers are keen to show off the speed at which their latest handsets can charge, and many offer a ‘fast charge’ option. However, this negatively impacts the health of the battery, and it is better to charge slowly. Using a USB cable from a PC or laptop is one way to allow the handset to change at a more sedate pace.

2. Don’t Drain on Purpose

It used to be true that batteries lasted best if they were regularly run down to zero and then charged back up to 100% and this old adage is still offered as advice today even though it is now totally out of date and incorrect. The batteries used today are actually better running around 50% of power, no lower than 20% and no higher than 80%. It is better to charge short and often and avoid striving for 100%, as this will extend the life overall.

Daily Battery Life:

3. Turn Down Brightness Levels

Many newer handsets offer an auto-brightness function which changes how bright the screen is depending on the light available in your surroundings. The problem with this is the battery works harder to use the sensor to detect the light. So, the solution is to become a little obsessive about it manually and change the brightness whenever you can. Some handsets have a shortcut to get to the manual adjustment settings, so take advantage of this.

4. Check for Battery Hog Apps

Facebook is a notorious battery using app, so you need to make some changes in the settings once you have installed it. It is by no means the only app though and depending on the handset you have, detecting the worst offenders could be simple or a total mystery. Things that run auto-updates can be prime candidates, do you really need Facebook to push and pull information every few minutes when you are out and about, or can you wait until you need the app. Many auto-updates can be turned off when on 4G, or generally. Some app providers have woken up to the fact that people will remove their apps if they are battery hungry and so offer lite versions which might be an option. Be sure that your screen lock also kicks in quickly when the phone is left unused and reconsider the ‘always-on’ display if it is offered.

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